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IDEAL4Gifted is an online learning community dedicated to the education of gifted and twice-exceptional students where students’ strengths and interests are an integral part of their learning. We strive to personalize learning in ways that are commensurate with their abilities. We are respectful of their asynchronous development, and we understand their social and emotional needs. We support our students in their triumphs and struggles with their education and the world at large.

IDEAL4Gifted includes students ages 5 to 14 who sometimes work individually, sometimes with their age-mates but they often work in mixed-age groups. Our teachers ask questions, guide, facilitate, and encourage rather than lecture or insist. Our goal is to create a learning environment with expectations that match students’ readiness and that challenge them but do not frustrate them. Our teacher support fosters engagement by  personalizing student learning. We use project-based learning, inquiry, Socratic dialogue, as well as systems and methods of professionals adapted for students’ developmental levels.